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Express Yourself With Confidence

Antonella Ceschi overcame her fears of speaking in public and expressing herself, boosted her confidence, and become an equity partner in one of the biggest law firms in the world.

Here’s her story.


The Catalyst

Before working with Caroline, I always had difficulties speaking in public, doing presentations and introducing myself at networking events.

An opportunity arose in my firm to become an equity partner. I needed to do a presentation of myself in London before a special committee that represented 29 countries from all over the world. In other words a lot of pressure!

I heard about Caroline from a friend who had worked with her before so I knew it would be worth it, and after meeting her I didn’t have any hesitations signing up. Initially, I thought we would just practice together and overcome my blocks, however, after meeting I was thrilled to find out there was a chance to build a presentation together that really represented me.

The Experience

It really was a joy.

We worked together as a team; in every session, we added something and built the presentation together. I loved that Caroline was always keeping me in mind; who I was, what I was telling her about myself – both the funny and the professional.

Caroline has a unique ability to take into account the person in front of her and combine this with her knowledge of marketing and communication. She taught me to express myself in a way that I couldn’t quite nail on my own.

I really appreciated her attitude and friendly approach, how she listened and got to know and understand me, before giving suggestions or advice (and it’s not standard advice!); she made sure everything fitted with who I am.

Caroline was always really focused and she explained how to put the pieces together.

I was absolutely thrilled with the result and the outcome!


The Breakthrough

As a result of working with Caroline, I have become an equity partner of Bird and Bird. I got the outcome I was hoping for – and so much more!

It was incredible. There was a ‘click’ and a change in my attitude. Thanks to Caroline, I no longer fear expressing myself or speaking in public.

I learnt how to really represent the various sides of my character, my energy and humour.

Working with Caroline has given me more confidence. I feel much more comfortable now; meeting people, speaking in public and the change in my attitude means I am more open with people too.

I would advise anyone thinking to work with Caroline that the investment is really worth it!

You never know what you can achieve or what the challenge will be, but you want to be as ready as possible. Be totally open with Caroline and share your ideas, this produces the best results for sure.


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