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Energy Exchange between Inspiration Space and Caroline Kay

Introducing…(drum roll) industry leader Caroline Kay , Founder of Vincita. Inspiration Space are delighted to be able to work with her and her incredible business, Vincita. Specialising in developing growth strategies for business leaders looking to get to the next level, Vincita is making waves in the industry. 

Not only that, she has kindly shared with us an inspiring snippet, detailing her expertise, experiences, and top tips for creating and owning a successful business in hopes of inspiring, and supporting others in elevating their own businesses and successes. Whether you already own a small business or are looking to take the first steps, see below Caroline’s top tips for success and having it all. 

We took 5 and got to know more about Caroline, her business Vincita, podcasting and understanding what mental fitness is and how you can understand it better for your business and life.

Area of expertise/professional superpower?

‘Opportunity generator/turning challenges into winning opportunities.’

Let’s get to know Caroline a little better. 

‘Caroline Kay is an advocate for turning challenges into opportunities so that people get more from life and work.

After completing her studies in Art & Design on a full scholarship, she went on to design and build award-winning promotional displays.

Realising she loved selling marketing concepts more than making them, Caroline moved to London in search of an agency role. After a brief stint in media sales, an innovative multimedia start-up headhunted her to secure, design, and deliver industry-first brand and marketing campaigns, which she did for L’Oréal, Vodafone, Google, Warner Bros, and Diageo.

Caroline then worked alongside creatives, strategists, founders, and CEOs within Boutique and elite agencies to secure dream clients for over a decade.

In 2019, Caroline stepped out on her own to provide leaders with greater winning opportunities. She named her company ‘Vincita’, which when directly translated into English, means ‘win’; specifically the success that comes from taking risks or making a bet.

Caroline’s unique blend of proven growth strategies and techniques to access deeper levels of creativity, clarity, and focus, makes her the perfect partner when you decide to go all in and achieve the next level of success.

Caroline’s clients consider her a strategist, consultant, coach, and confidant. Some even say she should wear a mother flippin’ cape.’

Share with us a quote you want to become famous for:

‘I believe ‘the biggest and best bet you can make in life is betting on you’.

What is your top tip for a small business owner, entrepreneur, or founder?

‘You can have all the strategy in the world, but your mindset will make the biggest difference between success and failure. Invest in building your mental muscle and the rest will follow.’

What is Mental Fitness and what are three things entrepreneurs and founders can do today to strengthen their mental fitness?

1.     Create awareness of Saboteurs – Understand how much of the time your brain is sabotaging you vs serving you – take the test.

2.     Develop insight into how these hold you back – start reading the book – Positive Intelligence to discover your 10 saboteurs and how to fight back

3.     Start building your mental muscle to fight negative patterns with positive behaviour so you achieve your full potential and become part of the elite – Enrol in a 8-week Mental Fitness Course with Caroline, a PQ Coach, and start building your mental muscle to shift for sabotage to your highest performing self.

Tell us about your podcast – what is it about and what led you to start it?

‘My podcast is Snippets of Genius shares inspiring stories of my GENIUS guests’ ballsy, daring moves, that burst opportunities wide open.

I decided to start a podcast when exploring potential marketing routes to build up awareness of my business. The podcast help to drive traffic to my site, and build connections outside of my existing network but it also does so much more.

For instance, after I did some work on discovering my strengths, it became clear that I’m a connector and a natural extrovert. I needed to lean into these and the Podcast allowed this. Sitting alone writing blogs was torture for me. I did a handful and knew it was not something I was going to be consistent with.

The reason I started the podcast, was to share my knowledge, experience, and expertise but also learn and develop myself. I’ve always found that speaking to people, who are 3, or in some cases, 20 steps ahead of me, gives me business insights and life lessons faster than I could get them anywhere else. Having them break down what they had to overcome and what brought them the most value, is inspiring and energising.

Personally, it keeps me on track. Every time I produce and hit publish on a show, it brings more amazing people into my world. “If the show can help one other person on their journey, it’s done its job”.

Inspiration Space are grateful to Caroline and her wonderful business, Vincita, for sharing these experiences and providing us with the ability to share them with you.

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