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Mental Fitness: Go Further Faster

Calling all Leaders - Unlock Your Inner Boss: Master Sales, Achieve An Elite Mindset, and Lead with Ease!

Ever asked yourself, when will this wild ride of life will get easier? I certainly have. And if you’ve ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders, my founder story might resonate with you.

After a life-changing 3-month trip to Italy, I made the bold decision to start my own business.

I went all-in, got a coach, and formed a limited company. Sales, my forte, seemed like a breeze. In just six months, I had a client waitlist. Then, COVID-19 hit, turning my world upside down. I became the sole breadwinner, juggling more clients and taking multiple courses to adapt.

I doubled down on what I knew, handling an overwhelming number of 1:1 clients and consultancy contracts. On the surface, my business was thriving—I even built a team and upgraded my lifestyle. But inside, I was crumbling.

The pressure was immense, and I knew I had to figure out how to keep going – but how?

It was official I had become my own worst boss – pushing myself to do all the things and slowly losing the will to carry on. 

So, I did something radical—I took a break from my business. A few months of rest to recharge my soul. But returning to the hustle was daunting; fear and self-doubt crept in.

That’s when I discovered Inspiration Space (IS) and embarked on a journey to reimagine my business from the ground up. I was almost there, with a plan and new focus but life had more curveballs in store for me; my relationship fell apart. I struggled to keep moving forward, but I couldn’t let despair win.

Yet, the financial stress was growing,

It’d now been a whole year battling my emotions, fear of failure and a fear of success, and I felt lost.

Then, I stumbled upon Positive Intelligence (PQ). Taking the PQ Mental Fitness assessment was a game-changer.

I learned that my greatest strengths had become my greatest weaknesses. The “high-achiever” in me had turned into a “hyper-achiever,” and it was taking a toll.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Pushing yourself to the limit to meet deadlines
  • Procrastinating on tough tasks and working through sleepless nights
  • Struggling to ask for help
  • Feeling overwhelmed, to the point of doing all the things but not making the big leaps you need and want to see

That was me, and perhaps, it’s you too. Maybe you’ve got one of the other 9 saboteurs hard at work – we’re all different. Whatever is holding you back. PQ offers a way out.

When you harness the power of PQ, you get the insights into how you self-sabotage and stand in your own way. The best part? You take that insight and put it into action immediately – establishing new, healthier habits, which mean you can’t lose. You break free from destructive patterns, supercharge your productivity, and see relationships flourish. Feel the injection of joy, freedom, and a new renewed passion and love for your business.

For me, the transformation was profound:

  • I healed my emotional wounds, unlocked deep empathy, self-love and self-belief that saw my energy return in a flash!
  • I started completing tasks that would normally take me days, in a matter of hours.
  • I fell in love with what I do, all over again but this time with a rock solid business plan and the IS community behind me. 
  • I found my tribe; clients, partners, community and truly amazing podcast guests. 
  • I got inspired and rebranded, secured epic partnerships, volunteer work, high-profile opportunities, and big ticket projects 
  • I became (and still feel like) an unstoppable force that is pulled into action everyday with a deep sense of joy and excitement

The same could be true for you.

And here’s why you want to team up with me as you coach:

  1. Sales Ace: I’ve got a killer track record in sales. No, seriously, I’ve been there, done that, and sold the t-shirt. If you want to master sales, I’m your go-to guru. (yep I really did just call myself that).
  2. Elite Athlete: Back in the day, I was a high-flying athlete, crowned the Junior British Champion in Eventing at a mere 16! I know how to go the distance and mentally prep for the win. I’m all about that winning mindset – and I’ll show you how – with true ease and flow.
  3. Top-Notch Clients: My clients? They are leaders from the world’s most innovative startups and giants like the London Stock Exchange, Global Fund for Women, and Unilever.  They choose me to help them achieve an elite-level mindset, build unstoppable teams, kickstart new ventures, and create pipelines that would make anyone jealous—all while enjoying the ride.

So, ready to join the winning team? Let’s make your entrepreneurial journey epic. 🚀

Secure your spot in Vincita’s Mental Fitness Program today and let’s win the moments that matter together!


Want to know more?

Watch this 1 hour masterclass where I explain how Mental Fitness allows you to bring your oomph and win the moments that matter.

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