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WorkTripp & Vincita Join Forces!

WorkTripp & Vincita Join Forces! 🚀

It’s with hearts full of enthusiasm and a mischievous twinkle in our eyes that we announce the fabulous partnership between WorkTripp and Vincita.

Let us take you back to a fateful encounter that sparked this incredible alliance. Picture this: a Female Founder event in January 2023, where the atmosphere was buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit and endless possibilities. In one corner, we had Sally Page, the co-founder of WorkTripp, known for crafting high-impact offsites. And in the other corner, there stood Caroline Kay, the brains behind Vincita, the high-performance accelerator offering sales and mindset coaching.

Now, let’s set the scene: menus were being perused, and Caroline piped up, asking the all-important question, “Who fancies some wine?” Sally’s enthusiastic nod and mischievous grin were all it took to ignite a beautiful friendship.

As the event unfolded, Sally and Caroline delved into the depths of their respective ventures. Caroline, with her passion for mindset and performance mastery, shared the profound impact of Positive Intelligence (PQ) on her life and why she founded Vincita. Intrigued? You should be! Tune in to the Snippets of Genius podcast episode “We Are Value Centric” to hear the full story and discover how you can turn any challenge into an opportunity.

In a nutshell, PQ is like your mind’s operating system, helping you distinguish when your mind is your ally or your saboteur. It’s all about understanding which Saboteur is at play so you can fight back and claim victory.

Ready to flex your mental muscles? Take the 3-minute assessment to discover just how mentally fit you are.

Every week, Caroline and her impressive roster of senior leaders, founders, and revolutionaries harness the power of PQ reps, insights, and Power Games to become mentally fit masters of persuasion to win the moments that matter.

Interestingly enough, Sally chimed in, saying, “That’s precisely the kind of experience we aim to provide for our clients at WorkTripp!” You see, WorkTripp specialises in crafting offsites that not only foster connection, culture, and creativity but also deliver measurable results. All this, in unforgettable venues, with nourishing food and drink, and an unwavering focus on well-being and deep connection.

And so, dear friends, this serendipitous encounter marks the beginning of a beautiful partnership between Vincita and WorkTripp.

We’re over the moon to announce that you can now book an overnight program for you and your team centered around “Scaling & Sales Mindset.” Find all the juicy details on the WorkTripp website 

Together, we’re on a mission to empower leaders like you to reach new heights, shatter limits, and create lasting impact. 

Cheers to a future filled with extraordinary offsites, high-performance mindsets, and limitless possibilities!

With boundless excitement and gratitude, The WorkTripp & Vincita Dream Team 🚀

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